My Perfect Pet for Dogs 3.5 lb




What we feed our furry family members matters.

That’s why My Perfect Pet products are prepared with gently cooked boneless, skinless meat, fish and poultry. We use only highest quality ingredients like fresh, raw vegetables and cranberries and portion each batch into individually wrapped bars for nutritional value, convenience and flavor. One taste and we believe your perfect pet will agree!

Explore our products below and discover the right formula for your pawed pal.

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Standard Blend Dog Food

Each of our standard blends provides complete and balanced nutrition for your pet. We only use fresh foods that will boost your dog’s health and longevity—never fillers or other processed ingredients.

Formulas are based on AAFCO nutrient profiles, and our products are available in a variety of protein and grain ­free selections. Leave the prep work to us – all you have to do is thaw and serve!

Specialty Blend Dog Food

Is your veterinarian recommending a custom diet unique to your pet’s specific condition? Each of our specialty blends are tailored to meet the specific health needs of your dog, using only the ingredients recommended by your health care professional. We use the same high quality ingredients that are easy to digest, which helps your pet get the most out of every meal.

With proper diet and nutrition, you can better address your pet’s specific health issues. Leave the prep work to us – all you have to do is thaw and serve!