Pet Dental Month

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February is Pet Dental Month!
Did you know that over 80% of dogs & cats have periodontal disease by the age of 3.  The plaque on your pet’s teeth builds up, breaks off, & is absorbed into  your pet’s blood stream.  This can lead to kidney & heart problems. Signs of periodontal disease are bad breath, & inflamed/red gums.  If that’s not enough for you to take care of your pet’s teeth, think about this: Pets who have healthy gums & teeth can live up to 5 years longer than pet’s who don’t. Preventive care is the most important step in keeping your pet’s teeth & gums healthy.

So what is the best way to keep your pet’s teeth clean? There are dental sprays, gels, toothbrushes, water additives, natural bones, dental bones, dental treats, & more. We suggest using a gentle toothpaste weekly and dental bones or natural bones several times a week to prevent peridontal disease. Stop by The Nautical Dog to find out which products would best suit your dog or cat.