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Importance of good oral hygiene in pets!

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We thought it would be a good time to discuss oral hygiene in pets since February is Pet Dental Month.  So the question is, “Exactly how important is it to brush & take care of your pet’s teeth?”.

Here are the facts:

Over 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by the age of 3.  The plaque on your pet’s teeth builds up, breaks off, & is absorbed into  your dog’s blood stream. This can lead to kidney & heart problems. Signs of periodontal disease are bad breath, & inflamed/red gums.  If that’s not enough for you to take care of your pet’s teeth, think about this: Pets who have healthy gums & teeth can live up to 5 years longer than pets who don’t.

One of the many responses we get about dental heath is “My dog is young, why should I worry with brushing now”?  The best way to keep your pet healthy is with preventive care. You wouldn’t just brush your teeth only when they got dirty, right?  It’s all about the steps you take to stay healthy. There are many oral care products out there for your pets. Some require brushing & some don’t.  Pick something that is right for your pet & get him or her on track for a healthy, better life!