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Coats, sweaters, & jackets…Functional or Just for Fashion?

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Some dogs have wardrobes that fashionistas would die for.  I think my dogs can be included in that statement, but do they really need them?  This is a question we get asked a lot. With all the different pet apparel on the market today, one could wonder if the clothing is just for fashion or is a necessity.  In fact, retail sales in the U.S. are a whopping $35 million in the pet industry a year, & a big chunk of that is pet apparel. So here’s the scoop.

Dogs do in fact get cold.  Yes, some dogs are equipped for the cold weather such as Huskies, but not all dogs are built to endure the weather.  Fur does protect your pet from the weather, but some dogs have lighter layers of fur, which can make them uncomfortable during the winter weather.   Chances are if you are cold, your dog is cold too.

Also some food for thought.  Pet apparel is not just for the cold wintery weather.  During the summer a light tee shirt can protect your dog from the sun rays, when it’s raining a rain jacket can protect your dog from getting soaked, & a sweater during the cold can help your dog retain his or her body heat.

If you do decide to get apparel for your pet, make sure that it fits properly.  Clothing should be snug, but not too tight. With all the different options of clothing on the market, you will be able to get something that you & your pet like.  Have fun with it! – Amanda Wilbourne (Owner: The Nautical Dog)