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Benefits of Raw Goats Milk

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It is exactly that. Raw goat’s milk with added cultures (Lactococus lactis & Leuconostoc mesenteroides), organic cinnamon, & honey.

So how can it help your dog or cat?

  • Pets with allergies and yeast buildup: Raw goat’s milk acts as a natural antihistamine. It is also high in caprylic acid know to fight yeast.
  • Pets with sensitive digestive systems: Raw goat’s milk requires zero work for the pet’s digestive apparatus. It is absorbed into their body within 20 minutes of drinking & contains all the enzymes (over 60) needed for digestion. Perfect for pets who are lactose intolerant.
  • Raw goat’s milk also contains probiotics plus. It delivers over 200 species of live active probiotics in their natural environment. It delivers bacteriancins- nutrients made by the probiotics to destroy pathogenic (bad) bacteria such as E Coli, Salmonella, & H Pylori. It also delivers enzymes to break down biofilm – film produced to protect bad bacteria & prevents absorption of nutrients.
  • Raw goat’s milk contains CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid: CLA is only found in milk from grass fed dairy animals. Two new studies link a diet high in CLA with a lower risk of cancer (up to 60%). Research has shown CLA to actually shrink cancer tumors.