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An Adoption Story

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One of our customers, Alexa adopted her dog Lexi a year ago.  We wanted to share her adoption story. Enjoy!

“Around this time last year I found myself spending a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at Heritage Humane Society, my local animal shelter… as a regular volunteer, this was a pretty typical weekend activity for me. I walked in through the side entrance, sanitized my hands, said hello to a few staff members, and snagged my favorite leash. I continued to the “Healthy Hold” run. This is where many adoptable dogs are kept.

As I made my way down the long line of boisterous, jumping, energetic dogs, one set of amber eyes caught mine. I had never seen her before. She was thin, timid, and her beautiful brindle coat was hidden beneath flakes of dry skin… a sure sign of stress that sometimes comes with life at the shelter…and yet she just sat and stared quietly at me with those liquid gold eyes. Ears perked, at attention. I glanced up at the sign on the front of her run… it read: “Lexi.” I smiled, taking it as a sign to get to know this little girl a bit better.

Without further hesitation, I opened her kennel door, and was greeted with the undeniable “pittie wiggle”, as I like to call it. The “pittie wiggle” is a classic “bully breed” character trait that could make the grumpiest person in the world melt into a puddle right there on the floor. I couldn’t help but giggle as she nearly pulled me straight through the glass doors in attempt to get out of her noisy quarters. Once out and in the sunshine, we walked down the road side by side. She was a dream on a leash, (something that is very valuable when walking a wide range of unfamiliar dogs.) After a lovely walk, we both plopped down in a soft patch of grass just in front of the shelter. She closed her eyes and laid back, as a nice breeze blew through. There were no other hyper active dogs, or strange smells, or strangers walking past. No noises except for the wind rustling the trees. She was completely relaxed and completely happy. I stared at her pondering how euphoric these few minutes must be for her.

Just then, I felt a slight tug at my heart, and in that moment, I knew it was time to go back in. I drove away feeling very conflicted… why did I have a hard time leaving this dog today? Now mind you, as a pretty seasoned volunteer, there is one skill that I have down to a science: maintaining a safe emotional distance with these dogs; for if I didn’t, I would go home with a dog every single weekend. I decided to shrug it off as PMS, and did my best to turn my thoughts elsewhere.

In the months following, Lexi and I became absolute pals. I looked forward to seeing her goofy face every time I visited the shelter. I posted pictures of her all over Facebook and found myself talking about her at family dinners, and social gatherings. Week after week we both waited patiently for the day she would find the forever home that she so deserved… Little did I know that her forever home would end up being my permanent address.

Lexi has been a huge part of my life for a year this month, and she has taught me more about responsibility, patience, and love than I ever knew was possible. She is the reason I speed home after work, the reason my bed is covered in black hair, and the reason I am passionate about pit bull rescue. Some days I find it hard to remember my life before her, but one thing is for certain, my life is forever changed because of her.

I love you, Lexi girl… you’re home.” – Alexa W.