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Welcome to the Nautical Dog Blog.  I am going to try and add a post weekly on the blog.  So for my 1st post, I’m going to start with the #1 question that I get asked, “How did you start Nautical Dog, & why?”.

I guess I can start with my love of retail.  I got my 1st retail job at the age of 16 & LOVED it.  I later moved to a different company at the age of 18 while I was in high school & soon started to help manage the store.  It was a high end woman’s clothing store. I originally started working there just so I could have a job through high school, but I really enjoyed it, & could see my self sticking with it….And then it all began, I got my dog Roxy who is a Pembroke Corgi & she has forever changed my life.

Before I even got her, I started shopping for her everywhere.  I wanted the cutest clothing, accessories, collars, you name it I had to have it.  Every time I went out of town, I would look for dog boutiques to go shopping at. One day I was in a dog boutique & it hit me that I could do this.  I told my parents that I wanted to open a dog boutique & with their blessing as well as my boyfriend (who is now my husband) I opened The Nautical Dog in October of 2006 in Mattaponi, VA when I was 20.

The store has evolved quite a bit since it originally opened.  In 2008 I moved The Nautical Dog to Williamsburg, VA where it is currently located in New Town.  Many people ask why we have gifts & dog merchandise too. I guess you could say that the store is a big combination of the many things I love, & it has worked.  As for the dog merchandise, it is my passion. I’m very picky about what we sell, including not selling any treats or food that are made in China. We hold lots of fun events for people & their pets, including many different fundraisers for our local shelter.  I absolutely LOVE my job & wouldn’t change it for anything. It has been a lot of hard work with lots of ups & downs, but I love it.

As of now I have 2 dogs & 4 cats, who are my world.  I have a 13 year old Chocolate Lab (Brownie), my Corgi (Roxy), & 4 cats, (Chesapeake, Boo Bear, Trick, & Treat).  Stop by the next time you are in Williamsburg, Roxy & Brownie are usually at the store.

Photographed by Heather Hughes Photography