10 Reasons Independents Rock!

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10.) We support the community.  Local businesses are more invested in the area & contribute to local community events, charities, schools, & more!  Did you know that small businesses give over 250% more support to their local non-profits than large chains?

9.) More money flows back into your community.  For every $1 spent in your local store, .45 cents goes back into the community, only .15 cents at the most if spent in a big box.

8.) We keep it unique!  Who wants to go through isles of the same old boring stuff, when you can shop for better made & unique merchandise at your local store?

7.) We actually care about you.  We don’t sell you something just because we have to make a sales goal.  We actually believe in our products & stand by them.

6.) Independents make & sustain more jobs.  The US is founded on small businesses.

5.) You get better service. Again back to #7, we care about you!

4.) Independents make the community stand out! We offer something that you cannot get in every town.  We make our towns more vibrant & exciting. Big boxes are the same everywhere.

3.)  We help the environment.  When there are more local stores, it reduces big centers catered towards big boxes which help with wild life loss, air pollution, & more.

2.) We get to know you. We know your name, your dog’s name, what type of merchandise you like.  When was the last time you walked into a big box & received exceptional customer service? It’s just not the same at big boxes.

1.) We LOVE YOU!.  YOU make us sustain our stores, restaurants, & other local businesses.  We need you & we care.

So take the challenge & shop at your favorite local business.  You won’t be disappointed.

Here are some local businesses we LOVE:

The Freckled Frog

Quirks of Art

The Shoe Attic

Iron Bound Gym

Cogan’s Deli

Morrison’s Flowers

Dudley’s Bistro

Champagne & Shoes